And we mean real bodyweight exercises- No pull-up bar, rings, TRX, or any other piece of gear needed, just your own bodyweight in the comfort of your own home.

Try the Taster Course for $5 or upgrade to the FULL BODY BODYWEIGHT COURSE for an extra $10!

bodyweight exercises at home

With the full course, you'll gain access to over 50 lower body bodyweight exercises with video and text explanations. No gear needed! All exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Access them anywhere you want with our website and iOS mobile App.

Course Pricing:

Continually updated with extra modules on nutrition, rest, stretching, and bonus downloadable workouts and exercise databases.

Pay once, receive updates for ever.

Success Stories

James K - 77.5 lbs lost over 3 months.


3 X per week bodyweight workouts using our database. 30 minute workouts planned on-the-fly using the iOS app.

Keto Diet.

What he says:

"Within the first few weeks of doing bodyweight workouts I felt amazing.

I had so much energy, was thinking clearer, and just generally felt happier.

I’m still pretty groggy in the morning and still don’t like waking up, but once I’m up and going, I feel better than I used to. I love not falling asleep at my desk halfway through the day anymore. I rarely take a nap either.

Being in better health has also affected my confidence and I feel more friendly and approachable every day."

Heather L- 30 lbs


2 workouts per week for 5 months.

What she says:

I feel a million times better. The benefits go way beyond the numbers on the scale or the way my clothes fit. My mind is clear, which is one big benefit of working out regularly.

My confidence is back, and it is really benefiting me at work.

I used to get winded on a single flight of stairs and now I can power through my day without a moment of exhaustion.

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Who is this for?

  • Personal Trainers looking for exercise ideas for their students

  • Motivated students looking to loose weight and build muscles

  • Frugal students looking to get better results without having to buy a gym membership

  • Students looking to improve flexibility and mobility

  • Lifelong learners who will stay with us as we update the course with modules on nutrition, rest, anatomy, and more!

  • Athletes looking to complement their training by targeting particular muscle groups in isolation

  • Yogis who want to improve their strength

Pay once and stay enrolled forever or pay in instalments.